Our mission is to support the racing community by providing tools that simplify the process of getting on track for racers and allow race fans to have a more direct role in supporting their favorite drivers and teams.

- Our Origins -

ClutchFunded was built upon over 20 years of experience, both on and off the racetrack. Through many years of fighting to stay on track, we acquired a great deal of knowledge in all aspects of motorsports. We gained experience in marketing dos and don’ts as a driver or team. We also learned how to make sponsorships and partnerships truly work. Our frustration with the struggles that face racecar drivers and teams today moved us to create ClutchFunded and we are focused on bringing back the foundation that built our sport. Today, even grass roots racing is a challenge for most and we are determined to change that.

What began as a small idea to help support the racing community by racecar driver Shannon McIntosh and Vasyl Martyniuk (MBA/Software Engineering) grew into a bigger vision with both short and long term goals. Over the course of 2014, we sought the advice and support of fellow racers, team owners and fans to help us build a platform that is poised to grow and help racers at thousands of tracks nationwide.

- Our Founder -

Shannon McIntosh is a nationally recognized racecar driver with over 19 years of impressive on track racing accomplishments. Her experience ranges from Quarter Midgets and dirt Micro/Mini Sprints to USAC Midgets, Dirt Late Models, INDYCAR’s USF2000 Series and most recently, the ARCA Racing Series. She has been recognized nationally and globally by outlets such as ESPN, ESPNw, Mashable.com (Top 5 "Must-Follow Athlete on Social Media") and Sports Illustrated and has represented brands like TrueCar.com, Mark Cuban’s Cyber Dust app, Alpinestars, Arai Helmets and Tag Heuer watches.

Like many grass-roots racers across America, McIntosh’s career began with her family who had no racing history and little money. As they climbed the ranks together in the early years, McIntosh quickly realized that her career would end if she didn’t find a unique approach to sponsorships and the business of motorsports.

As one of the first drivers to truly embrace social media as a marketing tool for her career (back in the MySpace days), Shannon has built a reputation on her ability to connect and engage with fans, sponsors and media. Today, Shannon hopes to help other racers with tools for a new approach to funding their passion as well as guidance in connecting the dots between their supporters and getting on track.