ClutchFunded is a platform that was custom built to support racers and connect dots in the racing industry. Currently, ClutchFunded is in Phase I of it’s long term development and features ClutchFunded Crowdfunding. Our goal is to find success in providing drivers and teams with a tool that helps remove the disconnect between the direct role that their supporters have in their on track efforts and dreams.


Crowdfunding is a method used in many industries that involves gathering monetary support from several sources to fund a project or venture. At ClutchFunded, create your campaign and engage with your biggest supporters to meet your funding goal!

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Drivers and Teams

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Whether you are an aspiring, amateur, semi-pro or professional racecar driver or team and need funding for a single race, a full season, equipment, travel expenses or testing, you can do it simply, and more successfully at ClutchFunded.


A racing fan is anyone who loves racing or is supportive of a racer/team. Family members, friends and sponsors who support racing every weekend are the backbone of the sport and now is the chance for racing supporters to play a direct role in helping drivers and teams in their passion by contributing to racers’ campaigns on ClutchFunded.

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