The Details

ClutchFunded is for racers and teams engaged in organized racing only. If you are an aspiring, amateur, semi-pro or professional driver/team owner, we can support your quest to raise funding. We don’t support street racing or anything else illegal. To get involved, you must sign up and submit a campaign for approval. Once the ClutchFunded team approves your campaign, you may launch and start raising funds. To understand all requirements, view FAQ #1 for more details.

Our Model

Simplicity is our goal. ClutchFunded campaigns use the All or Nothing Funding model. You must meet your goal to receive funds. This helps give your contributors reason to take initiative because they know their dollars are going exactly where you say they are.


MERCHANT FEES (Stripe) 2.9% + $0.30 (per transaction)


  1. To use ClutchFunded, you must actively (or plan to) race in an organized racing series. Your experience level does not matter as long as your campaign is raising funds to support you at a physical track or course in a competitive racing class or series that will apply to your experience level.
  2. Your campaign must be raising funds for one of the following: a single race, multiple races, racing equipment/tools, travel expenses, crash expenses or testing. (If you’d like to create a campaign to raise funds for something other than what is listed, you may e-mail us to request approval.)
  3. You must have a bank account and accept ACH money transfer to receive funds.
  4. You must be 18 years of age or have supervision of parent or legal guardian.

To launch a campaign on ClutchFunded, you and your campaign must fit into the ClutchFunded guidelines/criteria and be approved.

  1. Campaigns must target fundraising for an organized motorsports series.
  2. You or your team must (or intend to) race in said organized motorsports series.
  3. Your campaign must be thoroughly complete with all details pertaining to your goal and use of funds.
  4. Campaign goal must be reasonable and attainable in accordance with your social media following and offline personal and business relationships.
  5. Campaigns must explain specifically what the funds will be used for if your goal is not met.
  6. You may not utilize funds for charities or non-profits.
There is absolutely no upfront cost to use ClutchFunded. When your campaign is complete, ClutchFunded deducts a small percentage of your earnings based on your campaign type and result. (See table at top of page for campaign options and fees).
ClutchFunded was truly built for your success. We know how challenging it is to raise funds for racing and also know what it’s like to secure sponsorship and have to pay someone else before you are even able to race with the funding. In order to decrease the challenges as much as possible, we set our fees to align with our commitment policy with hopes of seeing the same commitment from our users.
Once you launch your campaign, you will be asked to submit your bank account information so that the funds can be transferred to your bank account by our merchant (Stripe) ACH upon completion of your campaign.
In order to launch a campaign on ClutchFunded, you must first create an account and log in. Then, click the “get started” button at the top of the page and “create new campaign”. Once you’ve completed the profile and story information, you may submit to ClutchFunded for approval and we will be in touch within 2 days.
Once you’ve decided precisely what you will be raising funds for (a single race, multiple races, racing equipment/tools, travel expenses, crash expenses or testing), you need to determine exactly how much that will cost you. Additionally, you need to estimate what costs will be (if any) for perks (and shipping) that you are offering to contributors. For example, if you are offering t-shirts that you have to purchase, estimate the cost of the shirts plus shipping to contributors. We also suggest that you estimate how many supporters you have in your network (online and offline) and figure some approximate numbers. For example, if you have X amount of followers and each of them gave X amount, how much could you raise? Set yourself up for success.
Perks are things you offer to your supporters for their contribution. Perks include things such as but not limited to: name listed on campaign page/your website, signed hero card or photo, t-shirts or other swag, race tickets, “meet and greet” with you and your team, name listed on racecar, company name on racecar and website. Be creative and keep everything appropriate and legal.
We believe that genuine passion and transparency are the key to success. A campaign must show that you’ve put effort into not only your campaign but your racing career. Hard work and effort shows through in everything that you do and with a great story and vision, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Make sure your 'campaign story' captures who you are and what your goal is and ENGAGE with your fans, supporters and potential sponsors.
After launching a campaign, it is important to share you campaign on your social media channels. You should create a conversation and even include bits of “why you need help” and what you’re raising funding for in your social media posts in order to encourage people to click the link and visit your campaign on ClutchFunded. You should also be personal about sharing your messages. Call, send e-mails, and text messages to those who you think will support you.
You’re responsible for creating your campaign and maintaining your profile details. You are also responsible for making sure that all perks that are chosen by your contributors are fulfilled. There are no exceptions for failing to deliver what you offer in perks. If you fail to deliver, you will be required to work directly with contributors to determine a solution which could mean a refund of their contribution. This is NOT ClutchFunded’s responsibility. When a supporter contributes to your campaign, their information will be taken and stored in your dashboard so that you can fulfill their order.


You may contribute to any campaign or campaigns by clicking the "CONTRIBUTE NOW" button on the top right hand side of the campaign or selecting a perk in the right hand column and clicking "SELECT THIS PERK". We accept all major credit and debit cards.
At ClutchFunded, we’re all about passion, dreams and making things happen. Most of the people who will launch a ClutchFunded campaign are dreamers and passionate people who simply need help and support. Racing is a tough sport because the financial aspect plays such a large role. We hope that you will be inspired and motivated by the passion that we cultivate here and will help racers attain their goals by making a contribution!
Of course! The merchant that processes all of our payments is Stripe. Stripe is Certified PCI Level 1 and is a trusted merchant worldwide.
All our campaigns are “All or Nothing”. You will get your money back and the campaign owner will not receive any funds if campaign did not reach the goal.
Please share! Whether you’re sharing individual campaigns or ClutchFunded.com to racers and fans who would be interested, making things circulate on the web is a huge part of our success!